Iraqi Musician

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Wisam Khassaf

Iraqi Musician (Saxophone Player)

Wissam Khassaf is an Iraqi saxophone player. He created his own unique style on the saxophone and was famous for his main exist with all Arab artists from the first grade, such as Muhammad Abdo, Abdul Majid Abdullah, Rashid Al Majid, Majed Al Mohandes, Abdullah Al Ruwaished, Nabil Shuail, Rabeh Saqr, Ahlam, Nawal Al Kuwaiti, Angham, Sherine and many others. He is from an ancient artistic family in Iraq. His father, the artist Ali Khassaf, is a clarinet player, conductor in the symphonic orchestra, and composer. He learned the basics of musical theories at the hands of his father, and he learned to play the saxophone at the hands of his uncle Jaafar Khassaf, which helped him refine his talent from a young age and learn music at the highest levels. He studied western music through the Military Music School. He studied oriental music at the Institute of Fine Arts in Baghdad. His talent emerged in 1994. He participated with most of the Iraqi artists, Hatem Al-Iraqi, Haitham Youssef, Mahmoud Anwar, Habib Ali, and many others. In 1998 he went to Jordan and there began to spread in the Arab world, and in 2004 He moved to Dubai and from there began a new transitional phase in his life.

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